Gunbot App for Android and iOS

Gunbot App has finally been released for Android and iOS. What can we use this new app for? It's main purporse is to connect to your Gunbot instances and being able to easily check how the bot is doing from your cell phone. In order to do this, you have to click on "My Gunbot", placed in the main menu. Then you will see a form with some fields: -[...]

Supported periods for Gunbot v16 and higher

A common mistake is to try to run Gunbot with periods that are not supported by the bot, and this could lead to some errors. The pic below shows all the supported periods for Gunbot v16, v18, v19 and higher. Click on the image to see full size:


Gunbot permanent tournament May 2020

As you most likely know, Gunbot have been reaching agreements with the most popular crypto exchanges and it’s sharing juicy prices between Gunbot traders. What we plan is to keep going and keep running tournaments in the exchanges we have partnerships with. Next tournament will take place on Binance futures. So, what’s the deal? First of all, the tournament starts at 00:00 UTC 16 of May 2020 and ends at […]


Differences between all Gunbot Editions

At the moment of writing this article (21th April 2020), there are 4 Gunbot Editions: – Gunbot Starter: This is an starter version of Gunbot. It’s the cheapest version (0.02 btc) but it’s only able to execute 3 trading strategies: Emotionless, GAIN and BBTA. – Gunbot Standard: It costs 0.05 btc. Gunbot Standard allows to execute all the trading strategies and it has all the features. It includes license for […]


Kraken and Gunbot partnership and trading competition

We are proud to introduce Kraken Futures and Gunbot’s partnership. In order to celebrate our partnership, we will share a total price of 10000$ between top 100 Gunbot traders on Kraken Futures exchange. The trading competition will last 1 month and it starts on 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC and ends on 15 of March 2020 at Midnight UTC. The top 100 traders by volume will get percentual of […]


List of supported Exchanges – Gunbot v16

Here you can find the full list of exchanges supported by Gunbot v16. We will keep adding new exchanges on the next Gunbot versions:        logo id name ver doc certified _1btcxe 1BTCXE * API acx ACX 2 API adara Adara 1 API allcoin Allcoin 1 API anxpro ANXPro * API bcex BCEX 1 API bequant Bequant 2 API bibox Bibox 1 API bigone BigONE 3 API binance Binance * API […]


Are crypto trading bots legal?

Time and again, we get emails with the following question: “Are cryptocurrency trading bots legal?” Our short answer is “Yes, they are”. We must bear in mind that the mere fact of using a trading bot does not mean that you are “cheating”. Let me elaborate on this. Imagine that you buy a coin worth 100, and your strategy is to sell it for a profit of 3%. You can […]


Gunthy coin: All you need to know

1- What is Gunthy token? Gunthy token, also known as “Gunthy coin”, is an ERC-20 token created by Gunbot community and Gunthy Ltd. 2- How can I get Gunthys? There are 2 ways to get Gunthys. The first one is to purchase a Gunbot license. You will get the required Gunthys in order to be able to run the bot. At this moment, you will get 1000 Gunthy for each Gunbot […]