Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable (Build 906)

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop Bugfixes – Fix multiple issues with RT process – Fix multiple issues with DU process – Fix multiple issue with HUOBI api calls – Fix issues with FillOrKill orders – Fix Portfolio Value being zero for some users (especially emotionless) – Fix multiple issues with KEEP_QUOTE, MULTIPLE_BASE – […]


Gunbot – Crypto trading bot for Bitmex

At the moment of writing this article (17th November 2018), latest Gunbot version is v11. Soon Gunbot v12 will be launched and it will include support for the most requested exchange: Bitmex. Why is Bitmex so popular? First of all, it’s the exchange with the highest volume, and , in the other hand, it allows […]


Gunbot Backtesting Addon – How does it work?

A lot of people is asking questions about the new Backtesting Addon for Gunbot. Let’s explain what is it and what are the benefits of using it. This Addon allows us to simulate Gunbot trading strategies. For example, you can copy your Gunbot settings and run a simulation for the period you want, for example, […]


Taking care of your Gunbot Api key and Secret

Lately the api change requests have had a huge raise, and we feel that some Gunbot users don’t understand how important the Api keys are, and the huge resources it takes to keep changing Api keys constantly, so a new rule has been enforced: Api changes are no longer free. From now on, any api […]


Why is Gunbot.shop the best place to buy a Gunbot license?

Looking for buying a Gunbot license? Ok, look no further, https://gunbot.shop is your best and in the following lines we will explain why. 1- Transparency: Gunbot.shop is a trusted and official Gunbot licenses and support provider. Other websites claim to be “verified gunbot shop” or “official resellers” and at the same time they hide their […]


Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable changelog and Download links

Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable Changelog – Logs for TrailMe! so we can keep debugging – Fix a minus sign in telegram alerts – Fix buy_enable/sell_enable ignored – Fix TV Binance sells – Fix Funds Reserve not reserving funds – Fix pair suggestions – Implement TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true/false If you set TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true in bot section, […]


Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Information and Download

Supported Exchanges – Gunbot v9 works on Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, Cex, Gdax and Binance. – Margin Trading is now supported for Poloniex (with TradingView plugin) New Features – Reversal Trading: Allows you to trade at profit in both UpTrend and DownTrend markets, by accumulating Base or Quote – Airdrop: Allows you to quickly […]