Time Sync Tool for Gunbot

One of the most common errors when running Gunbot on Binance is “Unable to connect to exchange“. As we saw in previous articles, most of the times, that error is fixed¬†syncing the time. The problem is that some computers lose the sync after some days, and Binance needs a perfect sync. No worries, we have an easy fix. Here you can download Net Time Sync Tool. This program is very […]


How to fix unable to connect to Exchange error on Gunbot

If you are getting “Unable to connect to Exchange. Please if this error persists, stop Gunbot, wait a few minutes and then start it again…” message when running Gunbot, it can be caused by several things. Let’s see how to fix it: 1- If you are running the bot on Binance, most likely the problem is caused by a time synchronization issue. There are 2 ways to fix it. There […]

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