Common Problems


Received a BUY order but not buying, Why?

As you know, TradingView Addon allows Gunbot to execute trading signals sent from traders from We have to keep in mind that, under some circumstances, a buy order could not  be executed by the bot. Why? It could be caused by several things. Let’s see: – If you already have the coin the bot it’s trying to buy, in the case the amount is higher than TV_MVTS parameter, the […]


Fix black prompt screen keeps popping up

Do you see a black prompt screen that keeps popping up and will not close after executing Gunbot? Don’t panic, it’s a typical problem and usually it’s very easy to fix. In order to do that, follow these steps: 1- Be sure you added both api key and secret in the GUI, and once they are saved, click “Run Gunbot” in your GUI dashboard. 2- Check your syntax. Be sure to […]


Gunbot selling at loss. Why?

From time to time I hear things like “My Gunbot is selling at loss. I don’t understand it” or “Selling price is lower than bought price. Something is wrong with my Gunbot”. Let’s see why this could happen: 1- If you activate Double_up (DU), Gunbot will promediate, that is, if the price of a coin drops, it will buy for a lower price, so the average price will be lower […]


Password not working on Gunbot – How to fix

Mainly there are 2 possible problems related with password on Gunbot. Let’s see: 1- You can’t set the password: Fix: The first time we access to the GUI, Gunbot asks us to choose a password. After setting the password, we will always need to put that password in order to access to GUI. Ok, but what happens if it keeps asking us to choose a password? This problem usually happens […]


Gunbot doesn’t make trades – How to fix it

One of the most common things we hear from new comers is “My Gunbot is not making trades“. Let’s see how to fix it. 1- First of all: Be Patient. Gunbot is not a drunken teenager with a credit card, it won’t buy anything under any circumstances. Gunbot will execute professional trading strategies and it will only buy or sell when some conditions are meet. Don’t expect trades after 5 […]

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