How to create a Gunthy wallet?

Looking to get a Gunthy wallet in order to be able to receive Gunthy tokens? Ok, you are in the right place. Mainly there are 2 options:

1- Create an account on one of the exchanges that support Gunthy token:

At the moment of writing this article, 3rd February 2019, there is only one exchange listing Gunthy coin: Idax.pro.

We are working on getting Gunthy coin listed on more exchanges, and we will keep you posted.

What are the pros of using an exchange as Gunthy wallet? The main advantage is that you don’t need to create the wallet or install a software wallet in your local computer.

However, there are some cons that maybe you should take into consideration. What I’m going to write now is my personal opinion, but I think you should know about it before taking the decision of holding your Gunthys on Idax.pro or creating a Gunthy wallet in your local computer. Ok, personally I do not like Idax.pro. Why? As I said, this is just my personal opinion, but let me tell you about my thoughts:

a) Idax.pro is a very new exchange. It was created on December 2017.

b) Despite it’s a very new exchange, it’s supposed to be the #11 exchange with highest trading volume, which is quite questionable in my opinion. Here you can take a look to an article talking about exchanges faking volume.

c) There are very few reviews about this exchange. I think there should be many more reviews if it were so popular as it’s supposed to be. On the other hand, most of the reviews I have found, are negative feedbacks, talking about high delay for withdrawals etc…

d) You can deposit, but KYC is mandatory in order to being able to withdraw your funds. Many users like exchanges in which KYC is not implemented or it’s easy to pass. I understand them, and I also do. In this case, we need to send a photo showing our face and holding our ID and a paper stating today’s date. Personally, I would only send this kind of docs to government organizations, banks, or very well established and trustworthy companies.

So, I will hold my Gunthys in a software wallet, and I will wait for other exchange before starting to sell / trade with them. I want to remark that this is just my personal opinion. Always do your own research before taking a decision.

2- Create a Gunthy wallet in your local computer:

There are several software wallets that allow to create a Gunthy wallet: MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, Exodus, Metamask etc…

In my opinon, Metamask is the easiest to use, so I will explain you how to create a Gunthy wallet in Metamask:

a) Go to https://www.metamask.io and install Metamask Addon for your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave).

b) Choose a password.

c) Be sure to store you secret phrase in a safe place. You will be able to restore your wallet with these 12 words.

d) Click “Add token”



e)  Click on “Personalized token” (In the following pic it says “Token personalizado” because it was taken from my laptop, which has Spanish OS installed, sorry for that).

Now be sure to add Gunthy contrat address0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653

Token symbol = Gunthy

Decimals = 18

Now click “Next“.

f)  It’s done. Gunthy token has been added. You can check your gunthy address at left side, just below “Account”. Remember to click on the buttom placed at the right of the Gunthy address to copy the address. Always copy and paste it. Never try to write it manually because it’s very risky, as any mistake could lead to a loss of the tokens.

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