How to create a Gunthy wallet?

Looking to get a Gunthy wallet in order to be able to receive Gunthy tokens? Ok, you are in the right place. Let’s see how to do it:

Create a Gunthy wallet in your local computer:

There are several software wallets that allow to create a Gunthy wallet: MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, Exodus, Metamask etc…

In my opinon, Metamask is the easiest to use, so I will explain you how to create a Gunthy wallet using Metamask:

a) Go to https://www.metamask.io and install Metamask Addon for your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Brave).

b) Choose a password.

c) Be sure to store you secret phrase in a safe place. You will be able to restore your wallet with these 12 words.



UPDATE 3-1-2024:

In order to add tokens in the new Metamask control panel, go to Wallet page and then search for “Import tokens” placed at the buttom. Now you will see a search bar, and you can put the name of the token or the contract address (you can see contract address in the next step), so it will appear and you will be able to select the token and click on “Import“.



Click “Add token”




UPDATE 3-1-2024:

Ignore this point if you are creating the metamask wallet with the new dashboard and you already followed the updated instructions of the previous step.


Click on “Personalized token” (In the following pic it says “Token personalizado” because it was taken from my laptop, which has Spanish OS installed, sorry for that).

Now be sure to add Gunthy contrat address0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653

Token symbol = Gunthy

Decimals = 18

Now click “Next“.

f)  It’s done. Gunthy token has been added. You can check your gunthy address at left side, just below “Account”. Remember to click on the buttom placed at the right of the Gunthy address to copy the address. Always copy and paste it. Never try to write it manually because it’s very risky, as any mistake could lead to a loss of the tokens.


Tom Blundell 19 May, 2019

EXODUS does not have Gunthy Wallet


Tom Blundell 19 May, 2019

Thank you. Next question …

I have not run gunbot for a while (since v 9.5.1) when I download latest version (v12.9.9.1) there is no gunthy-gui.exe .

What should I do



    Aitor 19 May, 2019

    Hi Tim, this question shouldn’t be posted here, as this article is about Gunthy wallet. Anyway, in the latest versions, Gunthy-gui.exe has been renamed to Gunthy-win.exe


Tom Blundell 20 May, 2019

Hey Aitor, thanks for that.


maxime_vamby 11 October, 2019

Hi! Is it necessary to store the tokens on the same computer on which i run the bot?


    Aitor 11 October, 2019

    Hi, you can store the tokens anywhere :)


lopezko 30 October, 2020

Hi, should i add the gunthy contrat address you posted here at step e) or is that something individual which i need to request or which should be provided via the buy of the gunbot license / package?


    Aitor 30 October, 2020

    Hi Lopezko, this is the contract you address you have to add. What it’s individual is the Gunthy wallet you will get after going through all steps and creating your wallet. Hope this helps.


Hakem 30 November, 2020

Thank you for tutorial ! As an extra step for next readers to find it even easier, It would be nice to add a last screenshot as to show the wallet exactly ( under the account) to clear doubts ( as it is really hidden in my case and i had to hover the mouse to find it)


    Aitor 30 November, 2020

    Thank you for your comment Hakem. I recommend you to click the button at the right of the wallet address. It copies the wallet, so you can just paste it. It’s always better to copy paste as any mistake coping manually could end making you lose the funds.


Dhaneor 15 September, 2021

Thanks for this blog! Can I also create the Gunthy wallet on my Ledger Nano X? I would prefer that to MetaMask. Thanks!


    Aitor 15 September, 2021

    Yes, as far as your wallet is able to handle a ETH ERC-20 compatible wallet is ok.


sam 18 December, 2021

Hey, do I add the address in the step (0x3684b581db1f94b721ee0022624329feb16ab653) while importing Gunthy token or the address that I created on myetherwallet? The answer above is not clear.



    Aitor 19 December, 2021

    Hi Sam, this article explains how to create a wallet using Metamask. If you want to create a wallet for this with MyEtherWallet, you should check other tutorial.


Zara 31 December, 2023

Hi there, there is no option anymore to add tokens – how do I add an address for the Gunthy tokens?

Thank you!


    Aitor 4 January, 2024

    Thanks for letting me know. Just updated point “d” with the new instructions.


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