One of the most powerful Gunbot strategies: TSSL

This time we are going to try to bring some light about TSSL, one of the most powerful Gunbot features. How does this strategy work? It can be used for both buying and selling. In this case I’m going to focus only on selling, as it’s the same concept. TSSL tries to get the best price possible as far as the trend is favorable. In order to make it easier […]


How to add and edit exchanges on Gunbot

Gunbot v12 allows us to add and edit exchanges ourselves. In order to do it, follow these simple steps: 1- Go to “Gunthy Wallet” and put your Gunthy wallet. Now, save changes. (If you don’t have a Gunthy wallet yet, click here to find out how to create it). 2- Go to “Swap Exchanges”. Here you will see a message stating what kind of Gunbot license do you have (Standard, […]


Registering and changing api keys on Gunbot 12

The first thing you do after purchasing a Gunbot license is to send us your Api key, so we can activate your license. As you know, your Gunbot license is linked to your Api key. Ok, once your Api key is activated, it becomes in your Master Key, and you should take care of it, as it’s linked to your license. Now, our api key is registered, that is, we […]


How to create a Gunthy wallet?

Looking to get a Gunthy wallet in order to be able to receive Gunthy tokens? Ok, you are in the right place. Let’s see how to do it: – Create a Gunthy wallet in your local computer: There are several software wallets that allow to create a Gunthy wallet: MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, Exodus, Metamask etc… In my opinon, Metamask is the easiest to use, so I will explain you how to […]


Top 3 most important changes in Gunbot v12

Gunbot v12 is already here. Let’s talk about the most important changes in this new version: 1- Now it supports Bitmex, one of the biggest and most popular exchanges. Bitmex allows to use leverage and play both shorts and longs. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a Bitmex account from this link, and you will get 10% discount on your trading fees for 6 months. Still don’t […]


Gunbot – Crypto trading bot for Bitmex

At the moment of writing this article (17th November 2018), latest Gunbot version is v11. Soon Gunbot v12 will be launched and it will include support for the most requested exchange: Bitmex. Why is Bitmex so popular? First of all, it’s the exchange with the highest volume, and , in the other hand, it allows to play shorts, that is, we can get profit even when the price is dropping. […]


Gunbot 10 easy installation video tutorial

In the following video tutorial, we show how to easily install Gunbot 10 and run it using Emotionless trading strategy. This Gunbot version is even easier to install than the previous ones, and at the same time, it’s the most advanced and powerful.


How to move Gunbot to a new computer

In this article we are going to explain how to move easily our Gunbot settings to a new computer. The first thing we need to take into consideration is that each Api key we activate is linked to a license. For example, if you have Gunbot Standard, you can run Gunbot on 1 exchange. In the case you have Gunbot Pro, you can activate 3 api keys, that is, we can run Gunbot […]