Gunbot v16.7.7 Download

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop Here you will find download links for Gunbot 16.7.7: – Download Gunbot v16.7.7 Stable release for Windows – Download Gunbot v16.7.7 Stable release for Linux – Download Gunbot v16.7.7 Stable release for Mac   New features and changes in v16.7.7: – Some small fixes: This stable version includes several fixes and stability improvements. – Kraken futures competition: This version allows users to participate […]


Kraken and Gunbot partnership and trading competition

We are proud to introduce Kraken Futures and Gunbot’s partnership. In order to celebrate our partnership, we will share a total price of 10000$ between top 100 Gunbot traders on Kraken Futures exchange. The trading competition will last 1 month and it starts on 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC and ends on 15 of March 2020 at Midnight UTC. The top 100 traders by volume will get percentual of […]

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