Gunbot licenses. How does it work?

Gunbot licenses are linked to an Api key, that is, you can run Gunbot on any computer, and you can run any version. For example, you can run Gunbot v3.3.2 in your Windows 10 computer, you only need to put your Api key and secret and it will work. After that, you can run Gunbot v5.0.5.5 on a Linux VPS, just put your Api key and secret and it will work.

There are only 2 things you need to be aware of:

1- Obviously, your Api key needs to be activated. If you put any Api key that is not activated, you will get an error message “Invalid License”.

2- You can only run the bot on 1 computer at the same time with 1 license.

Other important thing you should know is that Gunbot licenses are lifetime, that is, you will get new versions and improvements for free forever.


Raja Mandiga 9 January, 2018

Please provide my Gunbot license key.


Aitor 10 January, 2018

Hi, as it’s stated in the article above, you just need to send us your api key and we activate it. So your license is linked to your api key. There isn’t any license file or something like that.


Henk van Hulsen 10 January, 2018

Hi, recently I bought Gunbot V7.0.2 (dec 2017) and I installed it on my local PC. I could create a password and after that login.
Now I want to run Gunbot on a VPS (router hosting VPS, found it trough Gunbot FAQ).
I copied all files and if I run Gunbot it always shows the screen with “Create password” never the “Login” sceen.
I can’t create a login and the password I created on my local PC doesn’t work.
How can I solve this problem?


Aitor 12 January, 2018

Hi, are you sure you copied all the files? Supposedly it should work. Also note that your config.js is saved, so you could just run the bot directly executing gunthy.exe with the same config.


Nevst 7 February, 2018

Hi, I accidently deleted my registered API on Binance. Can I change my registered API key wth gunbot?


Tomorinvest 22 November, 2018

Kindly furnish me the GunBot 50% discount sales Black Friday Sticker so I can share it along with my affiliate link.


    Aitor 22 November, 2018

    Hi Tomorinvest. Black Friday promotion is already active until 27th November 2018. Using the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” gives 50% discount on any purchase.


catalin 13 December, 2018

hello, I bought a standard license from another gunbot reseller. can I buy an upgrade from you?


senthil 20 January, 2019

my gunbot not works in my mac, is it possible to install to my windows pc with same password and api and 2factor authenticator.


    Aitor 20 January, 2019

    Hi Senthil, if you purchased the license from Gunbot.shop, you can contact our support team via Telegram and we will help you to leave the bot running on Mac.

    On the other hand, you can install the bot on Windows if you. You just need to put your api key (it’s like your license). In other words, putting your api key, you can run the bot on any OS, computer and Gunbot version.

    Hope this helps.


steven targonski 12 October, 2023

i have been following the install and it keeps saying my api credentials are incorrect but i coppied and pasted them so they cant be ? can you reset my key so i can use the program and just make another api ? unless theres something im missing


    Javieralv 2 January, 2024

    “Api credentials are incorrect” error may be caused by a wrong secret api key. In order to fix it, double check when you copy it, be sure you didn’t add a blank space or there is a missing character for example.
    Additionally, enable the correct trading permissions in your api key section, in the exchange. If you added an IP to the whitelist in the permission filter, check it is the right one.


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