Kraken and Gunbot partnership and trading competition

We are proud to introduce Kraken Futures and Gunbot’s partnership. In order to celebrate our partnership, we will share a total price of 10000$ between top 100 Gunbot traders on Kraken Futures exchange.

The trading competition will last 1 month and it starts on 15 February 2020 at Midnight UTC and ends on 15 of March 2020 at Midnight UTC. The top 100 traders by volume will get percentual of share based on their trading volume following this formula: prize% = 100*User Trading Volume/ Total Gunbot Volume.


Total Gunbot Volume in 30 days: 100,000.00USD

User Trading Volume in 30 days: 10,000.00USD

prize% = 100*10,000.00USD /100,000.00USD=10%

The user will receive a prize of 1,000USD

In order to increase generated volume, a special edition of Gunbot has been released.  This Gunbot version tracks the users’ volume generated with Gunbot licensed API Key and the user will be able to send information anonymously by defining a fictional “nickname” to use during the collection time.

How to participate?

Easy, you just need to open your Gunbot, choose a nick, and start trading on Kraken Futures.

If you have any question or want more details, you can contact @AitorRuiz via telegram.

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