Gunbot permanent tournament May 2020

As you most likely know, Gunbot have been reaching agreements with the most popular crypto exchanges and it’s sharing juicy prices between Gunbot traders. What we plan is to keep going and keep running tournaments in the exchanges we have partnerships with.

Next tournament will take place on Binance futures. So, what’s the deal? First of all, the tournament starts at 00:00 UTC 16 of May 2020 and ends at 00:00 UTC 30 of May 2020. The prize we will share depends on the number of participants who join the tournament. The more people who join, the higher the price will be. In order to be a qualified participant, you need to generate, at least 50000 USD volume of trading.

Let’s see, if there are from 50 to 100 participants, the prize shared will be 2000$ and 2000 Gunthy tokens. From 101 to 150, the prize shared will be 5000$ and 10000 Gunthy tokens. From 151 to 200, the unlocked prize will be 7000$ and 20000 Gunthy tokens, and in the case there more than 200 participants, the prize will be 10000$ and 40000 Gunthy tokens.

Ok, now the question is, how is the prize shared between participants? Easy, 50% of the prize with be shared between the top 10 traders (equal share). The higher your ROI it is, the higher you will be in the rank. So, it’s important to note that once you have generated 50000USD worth volume, the only important thing you have to take into consideration is the ROI. Top traders between 11th and 50th will share 30% of the unlocked price and traders from 51th to 100th will share 20%.

In order to participate in the tournament, you need to run Gunbot (note that there is a special v19 beta version meant to be used for this tournament, contact us so we can provide it as, at the moment of writing this article, latest stable version is v18.8.8 and you need v19 beta) in your Binance account (with no referral) and following these simple steps:

– Set your Tournament Nickname in bot section of your config: “TOURNAMENT_NICKNAME”: “YOUR NICKNAME HERE”
– Set your Tournament agreement opt-in in bot section of your config: “TOURNAMENT_AGREEMENT”: “AGREED”

If you have any question or you want more detailed info, just contact us via Telegram: @AitorRuiz or @JavierAlv

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