Gunbot XT Edition v7.0.1 (stable)

What’s new in Gunbot XT v7.0.1 Here’s a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot XT Edition (v7.0.1). v7.0.1 is a major release and introduces a new exchange, many new features, and fixes reported issues with v6.0.2. It is strongly recommended to upgrade from v6.0.2 to v7.0.1! Upgrading GUI: all settings from v6x can be migrated just by copying db.sqlite to the v7.0.1 folder before first run. […]


[GUNBOT XT EDITION] – v.7.0.1 beta (Build 0812)

Changelogs: – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Cache cleaning doesnt affect trades timeout by now – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Porting EMOTIONLESS strategy in master: all new comers will have easier life. Thanks again to all guys from Beta Group that helped me to tune this and criptonauta: EMOTIONLESS strategy is a derivative work of his “Ichimoku” ;) – [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix the shit out of TV plugin – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Enable […]


Gunbot XT Edition + Gunthy GUI v6.0.2 Final

Core changes BTC pump protection: automatically prevent buy orders from being placed when BTC price and volume are under high pressure. This is configurable per strategy or pair using OKKIES_MODE and BTC_MONEY_FLOW. Order recalculation: Gunbot now automatically cancels unfulfilled orders when the current price moved away. This also affects manually placed orders – when you run the bot on the same pair. Configurable cache cleaner: some users reported cache issues […]


[GUNBOT XT EDITION] v.6.0.2 Release Candidate

[GUNBOT XT EDITION] v.6.0.2 Release Candidate Linux/Windows/Mac core+GUI Changelogs: Core: – Fix a caching issue that would prevent buy/sell orders after some days GB was running. – [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix an issue that would sell at loss even if TV_PROTECTION is on: fuck Bittrex! Thanks @bennygrahn !!!! – [BITFINEX] Take off post only orders from our algo – Cache refresh every 1 hour instead of every 4 hours – [TRADINGVIEW […]


Discount coupons for Gunbot

UPDATED October 2019 Looking for discounts on Gunbot licenses and products? Look no further, you are in the right place. Here you will find the best discounts for Gunbot Licenses, Addons, settings for Gunbot and more at How to use coupon codes at It's simple. Just fill in the coupon code you want to use when doing your purchase and click "Apply Coupon". Note that you can only[...]

Gunbot licenses. How does it work?

Gunbot licenses are linked to an Api key, that is, you can run Gunbot on any computer, and you can run any version. For example, you can run Gunbot v3.3.2 in your Windows 10 computer, you only need to put your Api key and secret and it will work. After that, you can run Gunbot v5.0.5.5 on a Linux VPS, just put your Api key and secret and it will […]

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