Gunbot App for Android and iOS

Gunbot App has finally been released for Android and iOS. What can we use this new app for? It’s main purporse is to connect to your Gunbot instances and being able to easily check how the bot is doing from your cell phone.

In order to do this, you have to click on “My Gunbot“, placed in the main menu.

Then you will see a form with some fields:

IP/URL: Put the IP in which you are running your Gunbot instance. Most of the times it will be the IP of the VPS you are running Gunbot on.

Port: Put the Port number in which your are running your Gunbot instance.

Protocol: Choose between http and https

Bot type: You can choose the bot you want to connect to (Gunbot, Bitrage, Market Maker…)

Ok, now you can click on “Add instance” and the instance will be saved.

Now you can check your Gunbot, Bitrage or Market Maker bots anytime, anywhere just by doing 2 clicks in your cell phone.

Finally, maybe you are asking yourself “where can I download this app?”. So far we are providing the app directly via Telegram to our customers. In the case you want to get it, just contact us via Telegram: @AitorRuiz or @JavierAlv

In a near future we will post a direct download link here.

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