How to change APIs with Gunbot?

Latest version of Gunbot allows to change your Api Key yourself, so you can just create a new api key an activate it yourself instantly.

First of all, there are two important things you need to know:

1- Your license is linked to your Api key. So, do NOT remove your Api key. Would you delete your license key?

2- If you get “Invalid license” error, do NOT remove your Api key. Take a look at this.

Ok, now let’s see how to change an Api. First of all, we need to understand what is a Master Key. The Master Key is the Api activated by our reseller, in this case, Gunbot.shop. Master key is not used by Gunbot, Master key is your license for the exchange you are using. The Api key you need to use for your Gunbot is the secondary key, that is, a new Not Master Api key.

Let’s see an example to understand it. Suppose we have purchased a Gunbot license for Poloniex. Ok, now we login to Poloniex a create an Api key. We will use this Api Key as Master Key and we will ask our reseller to activate it. So, this Api key is our License, and we have to add it as Master key. DO NOT REMOVE IT.

Ok, we still need to add our secondary key, akka “Not Master key”. Ok, now we create a new api key from our Poloniex dashboard. This time we don’t need to ask our reseller for activation. Secondary / “Not master key” doesn’t need activation. Just add it as “Not Master Key”. The bot will use this Api for trading. If you think your Api is broken you can change your “Not master key” Api for a new one.

In conclusion:

1- You only need to activate 1 Api key for each exchange (The Api you will use as Master key / License)

2- NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE remove your Master Key. Note that changing the api key is not free. If you lose your api key or your secret, you will need to change your api key and pay 0.01 btc: https://gunbot.shop/product/gunbot-license-transfer/

3- You can change your “Not master key” Api anytime you want. You don’t need to ask for activation. Do it yourself. This is the Api used by Gunbot. Master Key acts only as license.

4- Be careful, if you disable 2FA, all your Api keys will be removed, so do NOT do it.

5- If you are creating an Api key for Bittrex, SAVE THE SECRET in a txt file. You can only see the secret the first time you create the Api. If you lose your secret, yourApi would be useless.

6- Note that Poloniex Master key will only allow you to add secondary “Not master” keys from your same Poloniex account. Do not try to add keys from Binance or things like that.

7- You could add your Master key also as Not master key, but DO NOT do that, because if you need to change your api, you would need to remove your Master key and you would need to ask your reseller to activate a new one, you would be able to do it yourself.


Ufuk Ali Turk 22 April, 2018

If I did not misunderstand the whole stuff, I think “2- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE remove your Master Key.” should be
–> “2- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE “D O N O T” remove your Master Key.”
Ufuk Ali Turk.


    Aitor 22 April, 2018

    Thanks Ufuk, now I have added “Never” before “under any circumstance” :)


Marinko 16 November, 2018

What if Binance delete your master key ?


martin ivanov 18 May, 2019

Hello, my reseller stopped to be active and the binance master key that i used got deleted, now i have no access to gunbot. Can i pay you to migrate my master key ?


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