Taking care of your Gunbot Api key and Secret

Lately the api change requests have had a huge raise, and we feel that some Gunbot users don’t understand how important the Api keys are, and the huge resources it takes to keep changing Api keys constantly.

It’s very important to understand that your Api key and your secret is like your credit card’s PIN or the password of your email. Your license is linked to your Api key. So, in order to avoid changing your Api key, please follow these advices:

Protect your Api keys– Be sure to store your Api key and secret in a safe place. Remember that most of the exchanges only show the secret the first time you create the Api, so, if you don’t save it the first time, you won’t be able to get your secret again.

Never try to type your Api key or secret manually. Just copy and paste them and save them in a txt file.

Make a backup. For example, if you have your Api and secret stored in your computer, be sure to copy them into a usb stick or any external storage device.

Don’t break your Api key. Use your main Api key (the one it’s activated by us) as Master key, so you can put any other Api key as “No master” key. More info in this link.

Do not disable 2FA. If you do, all your Apis would be removed.

If you need to change your Api key, or you just want to transfer your license to a different Exchange, you to contact us.

You should take your Api key and secret like you do with your credit card’s PIN, or like your car’s key. Follow the steps above and you will be good and safe.

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