Difference between Key and Master Key

When you purchase a Gunbot license, your license is linked to your api key. After creating your api key, you send it to us, via Telegram: @AitorRuiz or email: [email protected], and we activate your license.

Ok, so, the api key you sent us, is your Master key, and its secret is your Master secret. In other words, the Api key you sent us is your license, and you should take care of it.

What about “Key” and “Secret”?

It’s the Api key that Gunbot will use to make the trades, and you can put there any Api key.

For example, suppose you have a Gunbot license for Binance, and your Master key is “yyy”. Ok, now you can create a new api key in your Binance account, for example key “zzz” (Note that you don’t need to activate this one, only Master key needs to be activated by us). Now you can fill in the api fields like this:

Master Key = yyy

Master Secret = (secret of yyy)

Key = zzz

Secret = (secret of zzz)


Note that you can also  put the same values for Master key and Key. Like this:

Master Key = yyy

Master Secret = (secret of yyy)

Key = yyy

Secret = (secret of yyy)


What’s the advantage of putting a different Api key, instead of your Master Key for both “Master Key” and “Key” fields?

The point of all this is that, the api key that Gunbot uses for trading is the normal key (Akka “Key” or “No Master Key”). So, for example, if you set a very low delay and your api gets broken / banned, you can just create a new Api and replace it. In the case you use Master key for both fields, your master key would be broken, and that’s not good, because your Master Key is your license, and there is a fee for swaping your Master key. So, you can change your “Key” yourself anytime you want, as far as you keep your Master Key and Master Secret.

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