How to create an Api key at Binance – Step by step video tutorial

As most of you know, Api keys allow bots or any other app to connect to Exchanges and make buy and sell operations automatically. In this step by step video tutorial, you will learn how to easily create an Api key for Gunbot at Binance.

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bkeizer 9 June, 2018

“Note that we will be sharing advanced tutorials and videos on how to use TradingView Addon on our Vip Zone. We will also share and talk about some free and pais scrypts for TradingView Addon”

I am a bit in the woods here creating signals and the right settings for Gunbot interacting with TV, could you please elaborate on this in the VIP zone? Peiod, Stoploss etc.


    Aitor 9 June, 2018

    Hi Bkeizer, we will be adding new interesting tutorials on Vip zone soon. On the other hand, note that most of the people use TradingView Addon to get buy and sell signals, that is, you just need to add the pairs you want to get the signals for, and once the conditions are met for one of the pairs you added, you just get a buy and sell alert in your email, and Gunbot executes that alert.


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