[GUNBOT XT EDITION] – v.7.0.1 beta (Build 0812)


– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Cache cleaning doesnt affect trades timeout by now
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Porting EMOTIONLESS strategy in master: all new comers will have easier life. Thanks again to all guys from Beta Group that helped me to tune this and criptonauta: EMOTIONLESS strategy is a derivative work of his “Ichimoku” ;)
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix the shit out of TV plugin
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Enable BINANCE support. Standard pairs names for all exchanges: no more XLTCZEUR, BTC_, ETH*@ or anything like that, by now we use PRIMARY-ALT format for all exchages (Example: BTC-ETH, USDT-BCH). Fix DU family (Thanks beta testers group), Fix Benny’s TSSL issue.
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Complete work and tests for BINANCE and BITFINEX Thanks yashspatel
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Bumping up version to v7.0.1_beta (Build 0712). We now support 7 wonders: POLONIEX, BITTREX, KRAKEN, CRYPTOPIA, BINANCE, BITFINEX, TRADINGVIEW
– cryptopia ohlc improvement
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Gunbot now provides last trade Profit/Loss percentage (experimental)
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Further reduction of data usage and api calls: we now ask our trading history only once at beginning and then ONLY when a trade occurs. Bittrex API server says: “Thank you ladies”
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Fix an issue with DU_BUYDOWN that only Benny was able to spot and report correctly!!!

I haven’t put the download links because this version it’s still a beta and it has bugs. As always, we recommend you to stick to latest stable version. If you want to test this beta version, you can tell me, do it at your own risk.

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