[GUNBOT XT EDITION] v.6.0.2 Release Candidate

[GUNBOT XT EDITION] v.6.0.2 Release Candidate Linux/Windows/Mac core+GUI


– Fix a caching issue that would prevent buy/sell orders after some days GB was running.
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix an issue that would sell at loss even if TV_PROTECTION is on: fuck Bittrex! Thanks @bennygrahn !!!!
– [BITFINEX] Take off post only orders from our algo
– Cache refresh every 1 hour instead of every 4 hours
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Implement TV_TRADING_LIMIT_CAP and TV_STOPLOSS_PERCENTAGE. Fix an issue some users still reporting of email loop if no balance, Tx Finn and all cuteass TV group!
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix data undefined error in buy orders
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix an issue that would prevent to buy. Thanks @bennygrahn
– [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Tuning TA library to what we need. Cleaning up some deprecated stuff.
– [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Parsing amount to buy even if trading cap is enabled. Thanks @the_rain_maker
– Fix issue #233 thanks h-parks!
– Implementing BOT_CCLEAN in config.js: default 1 hour in milliseconds, it is the timeout to clean up gunbot cache.
– Express BOT_CCLEAN in hours instead than in milliseconds :P
– Reducing amount of data usage
– Fix an issue that would display wrong message “Safety switch is on…” when the STOP_LIMIT is hit. Thanks Astridbot.io!!
– tuning up TSSL family. Thanks @Trashdog01!!!

– Trim API Key/Secret \o/
– Add Timeout Clean on Bot Settings
– Only reload the dashboard every 30 minutes
– Add TRADES_TIMEOUT description
– TradingView parameters (BUY/SELL) are parsed as numbers
– Added new TradingView options
– Config file now is automatically downloaded from github when running the GUI, so defaults are always up to date
– Added toggle to switch logs streaming on/off – “Pause logs”
– Dashboard performance improvements
– Order strategies logically on Edit Setup page

I recommend you to download this version if you still have v6.0.1 or v6.0.2 beta. This is a new complete release, so put it on a new directory, and you can remove the old bot directory.

Download links (Disabled because it’s an outdated version):

Download Gunbot v6.0.2 Release Candidate para Windows

Download Gunbot v6.0.2 Release Candidate para Linux

Download Gunbot v6.02 Release Candidate para Mac

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