Fix black prompt screen keeps popping up

Do you see a black prompt screen that keeps popping up and will not close after executing Gunbot? Don’t panic, it’s a typical problem and usually it’s very easy to fix. In order to do that, follow these steps:

1- Be sure you added both api key and secret in the GUI, and once they are saved, click “Run Gunbot” in your GUI dashboard.

2- Check your syntax. Be sure to add pairs like BTC-LTC, BTC-XRP etc… do NOT add pairs like ALT-BTC. Of course you can also trade USDT-XXX, ETH-XXX and any other pair allowed by the exchanges you are trading at.

3- Do not execute gunthy.exe file directly, if you do, the changes made in the GUI won’t be saved. Always run the bot from GUI.

4- If the problem isn’t fixed yet, open bot directory, now open “setups” directory, after that you will see 1 directory for each setup you have created in the GUI. Ok, go to the directory of the setup you are trying to run. Now open “out.log” file and you will see the exact error that it’s causing the problem.

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