Gunbot doesn’t make trades – How to fix it

One of the most common things we hear from new comers is “My Gunbot is not making trades“. Let’s see how to fix it.

1- First of all: Be Patient. Gunbot is not a drunken teenager with a credit card, it won’t buy anything under any circumstances. Gunbot will execute professional trading strategies and it will only buy or sell when some conditions are meet. Don’t expect trades after 5 minutes, give it time to do its job.

2- If you want action, add more pairs. As we said before, we need to be selective if we want to success. Note that if you add few pairs, most likely there won’t be many good trading opportunities. Add at least 15 pairs or more if you want to assure more trades.

3- Check your config file and your strategy. Maybe there is something wrong with it or your strategy is too restrictive. Depending on the config you set, Gunbot will make a lot of trades or it will make very few trades. Also note that it’s better to make one trade of 20% profit than 10 trades of 0,5% profit. More trades doesn’t mean more profit.

4- Be sure your Gunbot is working correctly and with no errors. If you get an error, take a look at Commons errors and learn how to fix it.

5- Be sure you are using the latest stable version. You can get it from here: https://gunbot.shop/category/downloads/

6- Be sure you are not facing cache issues. Older versions had some problems with cache. The latest version includes a new parameter: BOT_CLEAN. Its default value is 999 and it means the bot will restart cache after 999 hours. On most of the cases, there is no need to change it, but some systems need to restart cache after 48 hours, and some others even after 2 hours. If you want to be sure you are not facing caching issues, set BOT_CLEAN to 1.

7- If stop loss is hit, Gunbot won’t buy again until the price is higher than the sell price. If this happens, Gunbot won’t buy again that coin unless:

a) The price is higher than the sell price.

b) You increase the stop limit manually for that coin.

8- Check if you have bags. Note that if the bot bought a coin for 100, and the the price dropped to 90, the bot will wait until the trade is profitable to sell, and it won’t buy again until then, unless you have DU activated. Bagged pair = no buy or sells for that pair, so if you have a lot of bags caused by a market drop or whatever, your trades could be dramatically reduced. Some people prefer to get rid of the bags selling manually, so the bot can continue its operations, and others just prefer to wait, it depends on each one.

9- Be sure you don’t have pairs with very small funds. For example, if you have 0.000024 ETH, the pair BTC-ETH won’t make any trade. Why? Because the amount is so small that it doesn’t reach to the minimum tradeable amount. So the bot will try to sell it and it won’t be allowed by the exchange. On the other hand, it won’t buy until it sells the amount, so it gets into an endless loop. Conclusion: get rid of the dust!!

10- If you are trading with USDT or any other fiat coin as base coin, make a manual buy and sell to assure the bot has reference prices. For example, if you want to trade USDT-LTC, use some USDT to buy LTC (a very small amount is enough), then sell those LTC back for USDT.

11- Maybe you stopped your bot for some time and now it doesn’t make trades. In this case, most likely the bot can’t get the info it needs from order book. Why? In order to define sell price, the bot needs to get last bought price, and it’s shown in order book. The problem is that some Exchanges only show trades made during last 30 days, so, in the case you stopped the bot for more than 1 month and you have some bags, the bot won’t be able to get last bought price, that is, the bot won’t be able to get the reference it needs in order to define sell price. How to fix it? You can:

a) Get rid of the bags manually and start the bot again.

b) Override bought price for each coin, so the bot will be able to define sell price.

c) Make a manual buy.

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