Password not working on Gunbot – How to fix

Mainly there are 2 possible problems related with password on Gunbot. Let’s see:

1- You can’t set the password:

Fix: The first time we access to the GUI, Gunbot asks us to choose a password. After setting the password, we will always need to put that password in order to access to GUI. Ok, but what happens if it keeps asking us to choose a password? This problem usually happens when we use an outdated browser. Be sure to update your Firefox or Chrome. If the problem persists, try changing your browser. For example, if you are using Chrome, try using Firefox and viceversa.

2- You forgot the password:

Fix: Sadly the current Gunbot version doesn’t have password recovery feature. If you forgot the password you chose, you will have no choice but to remove Gunbot directory and install it from scratch. Of course you can always import your old settings and pairs.

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Bravento 17 July, 2018

Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.


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