Install Gunbot v6 on Linux

You can download latest Gunbot XT version here: https://gunbot.shop/gunbot-xt-edition-v-6-0-2-release-candidate/

1- Unpack the release .zip file in a new folder. Then, from a terminal window, make sure both Gunbot and Gunthy GUI are executable:

chmod +x gunthy-linx64
chmod +x gunthy-gui-linx64

2-Start running Gunthy GUI with the following command. Keep this terminal window open.


3-Open localhost:5000 in a browser. To use latest version of Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended.

In some cases you will need to add a firewall rule to allow for incoming and outgoing traffic on TCP port 5000.
If you don’t want to use Gunthy GUI, you can start running Gunbot core with:



raukawaraider 3 July, 2018

How about better password security on the gunthy-gui password set page?


    Aitor 3 July, 2018

    Hi Raukawaraider, what do you mean? You can choose any password you want.


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