Gunbot v27 – Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 27:

Download Gunbot v27 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v27 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v27 Stable release for Mac

The main changes and improvements are the following:

New exchange added: Crypto.com. Gunbot v27 adds support for spot trading on Crypto.com

Stability and performace fixes have been implemented, and now the lagging and frezing issues that happened under certain circunstances are fixed.

TradingView Latest charting library is now supported.

You can check the list of the main changes in gunbot beta versions from v26.0.4 to v27 by clicking here.  

Upgrading from older Gunbot versions

This method is meant to keep your data from the older Gunbot version after the upgrade. Let’s see the steps:

1- Get the Full Package: Download Gunbot v27 Stable release for Windows

2- Extract: Unzip the downloaded file into a new folder.

3- Stop Running Bot: Ensure any currently instance running older versions are completely halted.

4- Backup: Make a backup copy of your existing working bot folder.

5- Swap Executable: Copy the new Gunbot executable from the downloaded release into your working bot folder.

6- Launch: Start Gunbot normally.

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