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      In this post we will keep you updated with the changelogs of latest Gunbot v26.x Beta versions.

      Here you can find the link to v26, latest stable version in

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        Gunbot v26.0.3 Release Candidate

        – This build fixes bybit spot limit orders amount.

        Quanta GT v1.08

        • Added spread profit information in tooltip under Daily EBIT *experimental and feedback please
        • Fixed a condition where a change in basis or interval parameter may not cancel and recreate existing orders
        • Partially filled orders in certain circumstances might lead to a double buy or sell – this one should be fixed but feedback needed
        • Added additional check if user enters a value < 1 in orderDepth
        • Fixed edge case where last base order amount is displayed incorrectly on gui lines
        • Fixed a condition on simulator where advanced setup would result in an undefined rate error.

        This build sees Quanta GT feature complete and ‘known bug’ free – big thanks to everyone for feedback. Please feedback if you find any bugs as I will start on phase 2 – automagic volatility controllers. Implementing Parkinson, German-Klass and Yang & Zhang. Phase 3 will be marketMaker mode and perpetual hedge.

        By this build it is not needed to inject a customStratEditor.json file for quanta strat: gunbot would create it for new users if they dont have it.


        – Add needed data for bybit ‘avail., for orders’ to gui coremem

        – Chart sidebar: attempt to fix margin ratio stat for bybit.

        – Stepgrid: fix edge case that could cause losing trades when using very small step size.

        – Chart sidebar: likely fix missing ‘avail. for orders’ stat for bybit.



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          Gunbot v26.0.5_beta

          – initial commit of partner exchange


          – for beta testers only: configure the exchange as “cryptocom” in your config.js.

          – Please DO NOT run this in production, be patient and in less than one week the beta we will give you a production ready build to run.

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            Gunbot v26.0.6 Release Candidate

            – add both in core and GUI (valid for bitRage users as well).

            – is officially Gunbot partner, stay tuned on their blogs and social for incoming announcements and promo.

            – attempt to shorten json file size.


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