Gunbot v26.0.4 – Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 26.0.4:

Download Gunbot v26.0.4 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v26.0.4 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v26.0.4 Stable release for Mac

Apart from the changes and improvements we had on Gunbot v26.0.1, this version, v26.0.4, includes several fixes and improvements. Let’s take a look to the most important ones:


Gunbot v26.0.4 changelogs

– Fixes and improvements to BTFD mode, including respecting stop after next sell, reset conditions to return to normal grid trading, and tuning trend filter conditions.

Chart fixes like displaying break-even line correctly, reducing jumpiness of DCA buydown line, adding missing scalper and trailing lines, improving performance when changing pairs, and preventing stacked timescale marks.

Fixes to the trading dashboard related to updating balances, sorting active pairs table, and total base assets chart.

– Enhancements to trading settings like adding webhook alerts, max loss for Sgsfutures, missing parameters, fixing GUI crashes, custom template issues, strategy hint updates, and percentage button descriptions.

– Improvements to dYdX integration regarding market maker errors, closing positions at ROE, and order fixes.

– Other fixes like open orders in simulator, candle data for Kraken futures, exchange slot assignment, importing templates, available market types, and overwriting exchange data.

Upgrading from older Gunbot versions

This method is meant to keep your data from the older Gunbot version after the upgrade. Let’s see the steps:

 1- Get the Full Package: Download Gunbot v26.0.4 Stable release for Windows

2- Extract: Unzip the downloaded file into a new folder.

3- Stop Running Bot: Ensure any currently instance running older versions are completely halted.

4- Backup: Make a backup copy of your existing working bot folder.

5- Swap Executable: Copy the new Gunbot executable from the downloaded release into your working bot folder.

6- Launch: Start Gunbot normally.

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