Gunbot v26 – Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 26:

Download Gunbot v26 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v26 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v26 Stable release for Mac  

The latest release of Gunbot, version 26, introduces some new capabilities. Support has been added for Bybit’s updated API, providing more options for developers building custom strategies. Numerous bug fixes and performance upgrades are included as well.

What changes on Gunbot v26? The most significant changes are highlighted below. 

Major New Features and Improvements

Bybit: Updated support from new API and unified trading account support.

Custom Strategies: Can now draw support zones and other shapes on chart.

Gunbot AI: Generates strategy code from text description.

MEXC: Compatibility added for v3 API.

MetaMask: Login with MetaMask wallet.

– Notes: Add text notes per pair/exchange, viewable on chart or dedicated page.

– Setup: Option to hide open order lines on chart.

– Setup: Can skip API key validation.

Sghedge: Separate short side settings added.

Sgsfutures: New max loss stop loss option.

Stepgridscalp: BTFD mode added, plus more options.

Trading Settings: Download settings per pair.

Webhook Alerts: Two modes – with configured pair or standalone.

– Webhook Alerts: Easily configure TradingView alerts without coding.

Fixes and Enhancements

– Autoconfig: Fixed issue with removepairs job and openOrders.

– BTFD Mode: Multiple condition tweaks and fixes.

– Charts: Several UI fixes and performance improvements.

– Dashboard: Fixes for balance updates, sorting, and more.

– SGS Accumulation: Changed conditions for final sell.

– Setups: Bug fixes for exchange settings and templates.

– Sghedge: Can disable buydown exponent.

– Spotgridadvanced: Fixed multiplier issue.

– Sgsfutures: Fixes for partial selling, max contracts, and more.

– Stepgridhedge: Added static close quantity option.

– Stepgridscalp: Fixes and tweaks for multiplier, ratios, and more.

– Trading Settings: Numerous GUI tweaks, new validations, etc.

– Trading Terminal: Added help text and fixed % buttons.

– dYdX: Fixes for orders, closing positions, and more.

Upgrading from older Gunbot versions

This method is meant to keep your data from the older Gunbot version after the upgrade. Let’s see the steps:

 1- Get the Full Package: Download the complete v26 installer.

2- Extract: Unzip the downloaded file into a new folder.

3- Stop Running Bot: Ensure any currently instance running older versions are completely halted.

4- Backup: Make a backup copy of your existing working bot folder.

5- Swap Executable: Copy the new Gunbot executable from the downloaded release into your working bot folder.

6- Launch: Start Gunbot normally.

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