Gunbot v23.2.9 Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 23.2.9:

Download Gunbot v23.2.9 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v23.2.9 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v23.2.9 Stable release for Mac

Download Gunbot v23.2.9 Stable release for ARM


New fixes and changes in v23.2.9:

Lets take a look to the most important fixes, improvements and changes in v23.2.9:

– Fix some pairs at Kraken.

FuturesGrid: fix issue that prevented some coin-m markets from DCAing the expected number of times.

– Gui overview sidebar: fix break even price appearing as truncated numbers in scientific notation.

– Makes BUY_ENABLED/SELL_ENABLED available for futures GRID strategy.

AutoConfig: add option to load custom data from a JSON file, contents can be accessed with this.pair.userData in filters, and other places where custom code is possible. Custom data must be in a file called acUserData.json in the gunbot root folder. This can be useful if you have an external application providing market data you would like to use in AutoConfig. If you can make the data available as a JSON file, you can use it.

– Fix Okex sidebar.

Stability improvements.

– Fixes and improvements for StepGrid strategy.

– Fix loading config loop.

– Upgrade bittrex api to v3

– New strategy: stepGridHybrid. A crossover between pure grid trading, TA trading and price action trading.

– Adds Mexc exchange to the GUI.

– Other fixes and improvements.

If you are updating from a previous 2x.x version, you can update to v23.2.9 following these simple steps:

1- Uncompress v23.2.9 package in a new folder.

2- Copy config.js and autoconfig.json files from your old Gunbot version into the new bot directory.

For instructions on how to make a fresh installation, you can check this video.


biff 16 March, 2022

gmail is close down for unsecure mail 1 may 2022. and will only use 2aut or google login.

is there a gunbot update/fix on that (gunbot use less secure way to login on gmail.)


    Aitor 16 March, 2022

    Hi Biff, we will see how we can keep using TradingView Addon with Gmail. Maybe we will need to use it with other mail providers… Whatever it happens, I will keep you posted.


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