Gunbot 21 presentation and installation video tutorial

You can check changelogs, downloads links for Windows, Linux, Mac and ARM, and info about new features and improvements on Gunbot v21 by clicking here.

In the following video we explain how to install Gunbot v21 on Windows systems:




makuzi281986 22 February, 2021

how to create a gunbot wallet?


trioxygin 2 May, 2021

i don’t remember setting a gunthy wallet back in LT / XT edition. now v21 is asking me for a gunthy wallet? what to do now?


    Aitor 2 May, 2021

    Above you comment you have a link to a tutorial that explains how to create a Gunthy wallet. Create it and send an email to [email protected] and we will let you know how to proceed.


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