Gunbot v20.4.6 download

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 20.4.6:

Download Gunbot v20.4.6 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v20.4.6 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v20.4.6 Stable release for Mac


New features and changes in v20.4.6:

* Core / GUI
– Completely new GUI: improved performance, easier to use, better charting, improved trading terminal, more stats, additional config wizard for novice users

– Seamless config changes: pair cycling is no longer interrupted when a config change happens. New settings take effect the next cycle

– New partner exchanges: Bitget and Nash

– New strategy for spot trading: Support / Resistance

– PND close: an alternative to ROE trailing to aim for bigger profits in margin strategies. PND attempts to wait until a move plays out before closing position

– Alternate ROE trailing method for margin strats: with ROE_SCALPER the trailing range is an absolute ROE value

– Liquidity maker for spot trading: provide liquidity and profit from bid/ask spread

– Easier config sharing: import parts of config.js or autoconfig.json using the GUI

– Store more order history: to improve profit/loss calculations and prevent unneeded “bought price” warnings, the complete order history is now locally saved over time

– TradingView alerts: option to change strategy by alert, enable TV_TRADING_LIMIT_CAP for Bitmex, better handling of multiple incoming emails

– Alerts (beta): build your own strategy in a visual way using built-in TradingView charts

* Market Maker
– New strategy variants: Grid, Support/Resistance, Fibonacci, Pullback, One Scalper, x125 & Moto for Market Maker Bot

* AutoConfig

– Editor and stats in the GUI: every single AutoConfig feature is now editable through the GUI, every config change is visible on the AutoConfig dashboard

– More filter types: add pairs with linear regression filters, more options to filter your own variables

– Use your own logic: most values in Autoconfig jobs can now optionally use custom JavaScript expressions. Expressions have access to almost all internal bot data

– Silent mode: disable console logs for AutoConfig

* Bugfixes

– Numerous exchange specific trading execution fixes

– Fix closelong / closeshort alerts for Kraken Futures and Binance Futures

– Work around Kraken cloudflare issue in ccxt library

– Add support for all new pairs on Kraken (on other exchange this happens automatically)

– Prevent firing orders if MM bots receive sudden strange balance or ROE values

– Fix problem that prevented proper handover from DU to RT

Upgrading instructions:

– With the new import tool it’s now really easy to upload a config.js or autoconfig.json file in the interface, and import the parts you need from it. You can use this to setup a clean v20 installation while migrating your old pairs, strategies and other settings. Steps to start with a clean installation: unpack v20 and run, enter your Gunthy wallet address in the wizard and select “other” as exchange and save the changes. Then go to Profile > Import settings and select the parts from your old config to import.

– There are no breaking config changes for v20. In case you are upgrading from v18.x, replacing the executable file (gunthy-win.exe / gunthy-linux / gunthy-macos / gunthy-arm) and node_modules folder is all that’s needed. New strategy parameters are automatically merged into your strategies, as soon as you login to the browser interface. In case you are upgrading from an older version than v18, refer to the changelogs of previous versions for instructions, or start with a fresh installation.

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