Market Maker Bot
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The Market Maker Bot attempts to take advantage from the spread, placing limit orders just outside the current buy and sell prices. Some exchanges, like Bitmex, give negative fees for market making, that is, they pay for giving liquidity to the market. In these cases, Market Maker Bot will place an enter position order, and once it’s completed, it will execute the exit order. Then it starts a new cycle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this moment the Market Maker Bot is not sold directly as the licenses are very limited. If you want to get your license, you can contact us directly via email: [email protected] or via Telegram: @AitorRuiz

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Market Maker Bot

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  • One time Payment
  • Lifetime license for Market Maker Bot
  • Lifetime updates for free
  • Be paid for giving liquidity to the market
  • Premium support via Telegram
  • Works on many exchanges
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