Gunbot v21 Download

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 21.0.0:

Download Gunbot v21.0.0 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v21.0.0 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v21.0.0 Stable release for Mac

Download Gunbot v21.0.0 Stable release for ARM


New features and changes in v21.0.0:

* Core / GUI

– New exchanges supported: FTX, Beaxy and Txbit

– Coin margined futures: now supported on Binance Futures. Set market type: delivery

– Improved resource usage and cycling speed: migrating from Node v9 to v14. Delete your gunbotgui.db file and set a new password to take full advantage

– Improved profit and loss stats: in telegram alerts and in the interface

– Improved GUI styling and behavior: stability fixes, performance improvements, and saving more state info to local storage

* Bugfixes

– Fix MM orders at Bitget

– Various GUI bugfixes and small improvements

– Automatic fetching of pair lists for Binance Futures and Kraken

– Fix problem with execution of stop limit orders on Binance Futures

– Fix problem with execution of short alerts with TradingView add-ons

– Fix ‘length of undefined’ error that sometimes caused a restart when trying to read the gui auth databased

Upgrading instructions:

– With the new import tool it’s now really easy to upload a config.js or autoconfig.json file in the interface, and import the parts you need from it. You can use this to setup a clean v21 installation while migrating your old pairs, strategies and other settings. Steps to start with a clean installation: unpack v21 and run, enter your Gunthy wallet address in the wizard and select “other” as exchange and save the changes. Then go to Profile > Import settings and select the parts from your old config to import.

– There are no breaking config changes for v21. In case you are upgrading from v18.x, replacing the executable file (gunthy-win.exe / gunthy-linux / gunthy-macos / gunthy-arm) and node_modules folder is all that’s needed. New strategy parameters are automatically merged into your strategies, as soon as you login to the browser interface. In case you are upgrading from an older version than v18, refer to the changelogs of previous versions for instructions, or start with a fresh installation.

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