Empty logs message when running Gunbot

In some cases, when running Gunbot from GUI, logs are not shown and we get this message: “Empty logs”.

In order to fix it, stop the bot, remove the files err.log and out.log, located in bot directory, and run the bot again.

If it didn’t help, be sure you are following the Mac installation guide.

Finally be sure that all the files have writing permissions and you have set writing permissions to the whole directory.


Adriaan Mellegers 3 January, 2018


where do I find the bot directory on mac osx?
I can not find any of the files mentioned above…


    Aitor 7 January, 2018

    The bot directory is the directory where the bot files are placed.


Paul H 4 January, 2018

Bumping this thread – getting this error (empty logs) when I’ve tried to run my Gunbot on my Mac, and can’t find err.log or out.log files or their equivalents. (This after trying to run it on a VPS and getting a different 400 error…)


    Aitor 7 January, 2018

    Hi Paul, note that on Mac you need to set writing permissions to all the files and to the whole directory.


Agd 7 January, 2018

Hi there, I am facing the same issue on my mac. Im using Gunbot v7.0.2. there is no directory for “Bot”. Please suggest a solution if you know any. thanks


    Aitor 8 January, 2018

    What do you mean with “there is not directory for bot?”. Every single file is placed on a directory. And that directory needs write permissions in order to be able to write the logs.


paul.kloubec 7 January, 2018

I cannot get gunbot to work. It never even states loading config… or loading exchange or anything. Just says empty log.


jasong327 13 January, 2018

Same here, I am stuck at empty logs when running Gunbot GUI v7.0.2 on my linux server


jaschluckbier 22 January, 2018

Well, I too have the same problem. Doesn’t matter what browser Im using, same thing, “empty logs”. Ive followed the setup guide, ran the terminal commands chmod +x gunthy-macos/gui and still no change.

Ive searched for the logs you mentioned above. Can you be more specific on where to find the logs exactly. I’m no MAC expert, but I have looked in the BOT directory, and there is only 6 files there: config.js, gunthy-macos, gunthy-gui-macos, node_sqlite3.node, node_modules, tulind.

Perhaps this is not the directory you mention; where the BOT is located?



    Aitor 22 January, 2018

    Hi, the browser it’s not the problem in this case. We need to set writing permissions to all the files and also to the directory where all the bot files are places. Try removing err.log and out.log and settings all the writing permissions. Also note that the easiest way to run Gunbot is on a Windows machine, and you can hire a cheap Windows VPS, which also has several advantages. Take a look at this https://gunbot.shop/faq/ check point 7 and 8. RouterHosting is good and cheap for run Gunbot.


jaschluckbier 23 January, 2018

Again, please share where these files are located!! How many people are asking this same thing! When you open the BOT folder, there are no log files present. Please share the location and I will try the delete option first. Thanks


    Aitor 24 January, 2018

    There is only one directory. When I say “Bot directory”, I mean the directory where all the bot files are placed: gunthy-gui, gunthy etc… If the directory doesn’t have writting permissions, it won’t be able to create err.log and out.log so they won’t even appear.


billkurdi 25 January, 2018

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