How to fix the “Buy order from more than 30 days ago” error

Are you getting the message “Buy order from more than 30 days ago” when running Gunbot? Don’t worry, we are going to explain what is this error and how to fix it easily. First of all, why does this message appear? In order to set the selling price, Gunbot needs to have a reference price, […]


Issue creating buy order in Gunbot – How to fix

If you are getting “Issue creating buy order” or “Issue creating sell order” when running Gunbot, most likely the problem is caused by one of the following things: 1- There isn’t enough funds to make the purchase. 2- Wrong minimum volume to buy or wrong minumum to sell. For example, if the minimum volume to buy […]


How to fix “RSI undefined” error on Gunbot

How to fix “RSI undefined” error when running Gunbot? Usually this error is caused by a very low Bot_delay. Follow these steps in order to fix this error: 1- Stop the bot. 2- Raise bot delay by 2 seconds and save changes. 3- Start the bot and check if the error is fixed. If not, […]


How to fix unable to connect to Exchange error on Gunbot

If you are getting “Unable to connect to Exchange. Please if this error persists, stop Gunbot, wait a few minutes and then start it again…” message when running Gunbot, it can be caused by several things. Let’s see how to fix it: 1- If you are running the bot on Binance, most likely the problem […]


How to fix Error: read ECONNRESET

A lot of people want to know what “Error: read ECONNRESET” error means when running Gunbot and how to fix it. That’s a normal error, as far as you get it from time to time. I mean, the bot does hundreds of connections, and that’s is just a connection that didn’t succeed. A good strong […]


Unable to check masterkey error on Gunbot v8.03

“Unable to check masterkey” error is getting very popular on Gunbot v8.0.3. Why? It’s simple, because same as happened with “HEARTBEAT” error on Gunbot v6.0.2, this is a general error that can be caused by a lot of things. Obviously Gunbot dev team is aware of this and they are working to fix it, so […]


Error 403 when running Gunbot – How to fix.

Error 403 is  a common error when running Gunbot on Poloniex, but, what is it? How to fix it? Loading config… Loading exchange – poloniex (node:15372) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): Error: statusCode 403 (node:15372) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate […]


Error 418 on Binance – What does it mean?

Error: Response code 418 when running Gunbot on Binance means that your API key has been temporary banned. What to do now? First of all, do not remove your Api key, specially do NOT remove your Master key. Note that error 418 is not a permanent ban, it’s just a temporary ban, same as error […]