Fix TypeError: Cannot read property ‘type’ of undefined

Are you getting an error like this one?

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘type’ of undefined
at module.(anonymous function).a8Q.process.q9Q.(anonymous function).q9Q.(anonymous function).(anonymous function).(anonymous function).(anonymous function).E00 (C:\snapshot\v18build\gain.js:0:0)
at module.(anonymous function).Market.returnTradeHistory.Promise.(anonymous function).L0.(anonymous function).(anonymous function).y0 (C:\snapshot\v18build\ctx-wrapper.js:0:0)
at <anonymous>
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)

(Code 16189)Requesting data…please wait…

If so, try this: Check the pair that is making the error to appear, then make a manual buy and sell it again. A small buy and sell is enough, for example, if your pair is USDT-ETH, just buy manually 20USDT worth ETH and sell it back, now start the bot again.

Other thing that could cause the error is an issue with your pair. Latest stable version was released for Binance tournament and there are some new beta versions fixing some issues with some pairs. If you thing it’s your case, you can send us an email to [email protected] stating the pair you are facing problems with and we can confirm if the pair is one of the pairs that was having issues and we can provide you the latest beta version that fixes it.

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