Waiting to trade… Safety switch is on – What does it mean?

A lot of people don’t understand why their Gunbot shows a message “Waiting to trade… Safety switch is on” from time to time. First of all, it’s not an error. Then what does it mean? Ok, let’s start talking about TRADES_TIMEOUT parameter. After Gunbot buys a coin, the exchange takes some time to update the trading history. Here is where TRADES_TIMEOUT comes into scene, we need to wait some time […]


Error: Timed out while connecting to server

If we get “Timed out while connecting to server” error when running Gunbot, the cause is clear: There is a connection problem. In order to fix it, be sure your firewall / router allows outbound connections to port 3000, 5000 and 5001. If you are running Gunbot on a VPS, contact them and ask them to allow outbound connections to those ports. Most of VPS providers work fine with Gunbot, […]


[GUNBOT XT EDITION] – v.7.0.1 beta (Build 0812)

Changelogs: – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Cache cleaning doesnt affect trades timeout by now – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Porting EMOTIONLESS strategy in master: all new comers will have easier life. Thanks again to all guys from Beta Group that helped me to tune this and criptonauta: EMOTIONLESS strategy is a derivative work of his “Ichimoku” ;) – [TRADINGVIEW PLUGIN] Fix the shit out of TV plugin – [GUNBOT XT EDITION] Enable […]


Error: Waiting to cash some btc

In some cases, we get the message “Waiting to cash some btc” on Gunbot when it’s supposed to buy. How to fix it? 1-Be sure you have funds on your btc wallet. 2- Check if you have open orders, if so, remove them. 3- Stop the bot. Set BOT_CLEAN parameter to 0. Start the bot again. This way we will be sure you cach√© has been refreshed. Now set it […]


How to know if my Api Key is broken

Sometimes Api keys can stop working and we need to create a new one, but in what situations an Api key can get broken? Mainly there are 4 causes: 1- You did too many request / second and the exchange removed your api key. 2- You disabled 2FA at Bittrex and when you do it, all api keys are removed. 3- You connected to the api key from 2 different […]


Error: Cannot read property charCodeAt of undefined

If you get “Cannot read property charCodeAt of undefined” error when running Gunbot is because you are using an outdated version. Note that some version are being removed and you need to download the latest stable version: https://gunbot.shop/category/downloads/


Invalid credentials – Authentificationfailed error on Gunbot

This is one of the most clear errors when running Gunbot. If you are running Gunbot with TradingView Addon, maybe you have seen this message: Loading config… Loading exchange bittrex { Error: Invalid credentials (Failure) at Connection._resTagged (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Connection.js:1502:11) at Parser. (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Connection.js:194:10) at emitOne (events.js:115:13) at Parser.emit (events.js:210:7) at Parser._resTagged (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:175:10) at Parser._parse (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:139:16) at Parser._tryread (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:82:15) at TLSSocket.__dirname.Parser.debug._cbReadable (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:53:12) at emitNone (events.js:105:13) at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:207:7) at emitReadable_ (_stream_readable.js:500:10) at emitReadable […]