Unable to check masterkey error on Gunbot v8.03

Unable to check masterkey” error is getting very popular on Gunbot v8.0.3. Why? It’s simple, because same as happened with “HEARTBEAT” error on Gunbot v6.0.2, this is a general error that can be caused by a lot of things. Obviously Gunbot dev team is aware of this and they are working to fix it, so we will get a more especific error and it’s would be much easier to find the root cause.

So, what to do if we get it?

First of check, check if your Masterkey / Mastersecret and Key / secret are already added correctly. Also, in the case you got that message after some time running the bot, be sure you set BOT_DELAY parameter to an amount that doesn’t reach the requests / second limit allowed by the exchange you are trading at. For example, it’s recommended to set it to 22 for Poloniex, 7 for Binance, 1 for Bittrex etc…

On the other hand, in the case you are running the bot on Binance try to sync your time. It’s one of the most common errors on Binance.

Finally I will give you a tip: The main problem we have is that v8.0.3 always shows the same error, so it’s hard to find out the root cause. Ok, download v7.0.2 and run it, you will see the especific error. Now you know what to do.

Also note that it can be caused by many other things that we talked about them on “HEARTBEAT” article:


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