Newest release: Gunbot XT presentation and basic tutorial

In this video we introduce the latest Gunbot version: Gunbot XT, a new and improved version with a lot of fixes and new features. Finally Gunbot has a very user friendly GUI, enjoy!

– Link to access GUI (Note that you need to execute gunthy-gui.exe first):

– Gunbot XT download: Check downloads section to get latest versions: https://gunbot.shop/category/downloads/


migujorg 5 November, 2017

Where is the download for aka XT edition?


Aitor 6 November, 2017

Hi Migujorg, we didn’t put the download link because it was still a beta and only available for beta testers, but now we have a Release Candidate version and we have put the download link above. Enjoy!


prado_celso 12 April, 2018

The mac download link is not working. It says file not found.


    Aitor 13 April, 2018

    Fixed. It was an old version and the link was expired, Working now. Thanks for the warning.


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