List of supported Exchanges – Gunbot v16

Here you can find the full list of exchanges supported by Gunbot v16. We will keep adding new exchanges on the next Gunbot versions:

       logo id name ver doc certified
_1btcxe _1btcxe 1BTCXE * API
acx acx ACX 2 API
allcoin allcoin Allcoin 1 API
anxpro anxpro ANXPro * API
bcex bcex BCEX 1 API
bequant bequant Bequant 2 API
bibox bibox Bibox 1 API
bigone bigone BigONE 3 API
binance binance Binance * API CCXT Certified
binanceje binanceje Binance Jersey * API
binanceus binanceus Binance US * API
bit2c bit2c Bit2C * API
bitbank bitbank bitbank 1 API
bitbay bitbay BitBay * API
bitfinex bitfinex Bitfinex 1 API CCXT Certified
bitfinex2 bitfinex2 Bitfinex 2 API
bitflyer bitflyer bitFlyer 1 API
bitforex bitforex Bitforex 1 API
bithumb bithumb Bithumb * API
bitkk bitkk bitkk 1 API
bitlish bitlish Bitlish 1 API
bitmart bitmart BitMart 2 API
bitmax bitmax BitMax 1 API
bitmex bitmex BitMEX 1 API
bitso bitso Bitso 3 API
bitstamp bitstamp Bitstamp 2 API
bitstamp1 bitstamp1 Bitstamp 1 API
bittrex bittrex Bittrex 1.1 API CCXT Certified
bitz bitz Bit-Z 2 API
bl3p bl3p BL3P 1 API
bleutrade bleutrade Bleutrade 2 API
braziliex braziliex Braziliex * API
btcalpha btcalpha BTC-Alpha 1 API
btcbox btcbox BtcBox 1 API
btcchina btcchina BTCChina 1 API
btcmarkets btcmarkets BTC Markets * API
btctradeua btctradeua BTC Trade UA * API
btcturk btcturk BTCTurk * API
buda buda Buda 2 API
bw bw BW 1 API
bytetrade bytetrade ByteTrade * API CCXT Certified
cex cex CEX.IO * API
chilebit chilebit ChileBit 1 API
cobinhood cobinhood COBINHOOD 1 API
coinbase coinbase Coinbase 2 API
coinbaseprime coinbaseprime Coinbase Prime * API
coinbasepro coinbasepro Coinbase Pro * API
coincheck coincheck coincheck * API
coinegg coinegg CoinEgg * API
coinex coinex CoinEx 1 API
coinfalcon coinfalcon CoinFalcon 1 API
coinfloor coinfloor coinfloor * API
coingi coingi Coingi * API
coinmarketcap coinmarketcap CoinMarketCap 1 API
coinmate coinmate CoinMate * API
coinone coinone CoinOne 2 API
coinspot coinspot CoinSpot * API
coss coss COSS 1 API
crex24 crex24 CREX24 2 API
deribit deribit Deribit 1 API
digifinex digifinex DigiFinex 3 API
dsx dsx DSX 3 API
exmo exmo EXMO 1 API
exx exx EXX * API
fcoin fcoin FCoin 2 API
fcoinjp fcoinjp FCoinJP 2 API
flowbtc flowbtc flowBTC 1 API
foxbit foxbit FoxBit 1 API
ftx ftx FTX * API CCXT Certified
gateio gateio Gate.io 2 API
gemini gemini Gemini 1 API
hitbtc hitbtc HitBTC 1 API
hitbtc2 hitbtc2 HitBTC 2 API
huobipro huobipro Huobi Pro 1 API
huobiru huobiru Huobi Russia 1 API
ice3x ice3x ICE3X 1 API
idex idex IDEX * API CCXT Certified
independentreserve independentreserve Indep. Reserve * API
indodax indodax INDODAX 1.8 API
itbit itbit itBit 1 API
kkex kkex KKEX 2 API
kraken kraken Kraken 0 API CCXT Certified
kucoin kucoin KuCoin 2 API CCXT Certified
kuna kuna Kuna 2 API
lakebtc lakebtc LakeBTC 2 API
latoken latoken Latoken 1 API
lbank lbank LBank 1 API
liquid liquid Liquid 2 API
livecoin livecoin LiveCoin * API
luno luno luno 1 API
lykke lykke Lykke 1 API
mercado mercado Mercado Bitcoin 3 API
mixcoins mixcoins MixCoins 1 API
oceanex oceanex OceanEx 1 API
okcoincny okcoincny OKCoin CNY 1 API
okcoinusd okcoinusd OKCoin USD 1 API
okex okex OKEX 1 API
okex3 okex3 OKEX 3 API
paymium paymium Paymium 1 API
poloniex poloniex Poloniex * API CCXT Certified
rightbtc rightbtc RightBTC * API
southxchange southxchange SouthXchange * API
stex stex STEX 3 API
stronghold stronghold Stronghold 1 API
surbitcoin surbitcoin SurBitcoin 1 API
theocean theocean The Ocean 1 API
therock therock TheRockTrading 1 API
tidebit tidebit TideBit 2 API
tidex tidex Tidex 3 API
timex timex TimeX 1 API
upbit upbit Upbit 1 API CCXT Certified
vaultoro vaultoro Vaultoro 1 API
vbtc vbtc VBTC 1 API
whitebit whitebit WhiteBit 2 API
xbtce xbtce xBTCe 1 API
yobit yobit YoBit 3 API
zaif zaif Zaif 1 API
zb zb ZB 1 API


* CCXT Certified means the exchange has been fully tested and it’s 100% verified. Non certified exchanges are supported but still on testing phase and some of them may need some fixes before being certified.


Marcel Baron 4 October, 2021

Any plans to support the exchange from CRYPTO.COM?


    Aitor 5 October, 2021

    It’s a very interesting one. So most likely it will be supported in the future.


Bobby B 20 October, 2021

How about CoinSmart ? Any idea if you plan to support this exchange ?


    Aitor 21 October, 2021

    Hi Bobby, CoinSmart is not one of our priorities at this moment. Maybe in the future, who knows.


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