Invalid credentials – Authentificationfailed error on Gunbot

This is one of the most clear errors when running Gunbot. If you are running Gunbot with TradingView Addon, maybe you have seen this message:

Loading config…
Loading exchange bittrex
{ Error: Invalid credentials (Failure)
at Connection._resTagged (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Connection.js:1502:11)
at Parser. (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Connection.js:194:10)
at emitOne (events.js:115:13)
at Parser.emit (events.js:210:7)
at Parser._resTagged (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:175:10)
at Parser._parse (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:139:16)
at Parser._tryread (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:82:15)
at TLSSocket.__dirname.Parser.debug._cbReadable (C:\snapshot\Gunbot-master\node_modules\imap\lib\Parser.js:53:12)
at emitNone (events.js:105:13)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:207:7)
at emitReadable_ (_stream_readable.js:500:10)
at emitReadable (_stream_readable.js:494:7)
at addChunk (_stream_readable.js:261:7)
at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:237:11)
at TLSSocket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:195:10)
at TLSWrap.onread (net.js:586:20)
at Socket.ondata (_stream_wrap.js:58:20)
at emitOne (events.js:115:13)
at Socket.emit (events.js:210:7)
at addChunk (_stream_readable.js:250:12)
at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:237:11)
at Socket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:195:10)
at TCP.onread (net.js:586:20)
type: ‘no’,
source: ‘authentication’ }
2017/11/09 22:06:02 Connection ended

In order to allow Gunbot to check your email for buy and sell alerts, you need to put the correct data, so Gunbot will be able to login to your email:

“user”: “YOUR_EMAIL_HERE”,
“password”: “YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE”,
“host”: “imap.gmail.com”,

If you don’t put the correct info, you will get “Invalid credentials – Authentificationfailed” error.

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Richard 26 January, 2018

Note: – you must have the Google account associated with your Gmail address to have “allow less secure apps: ON”

You can see the instructions on how to do that here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en or a U-tube video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vESZbORzE-8

If you still don’t see the “allow less secure apps: ON” it means that you have ‘two factor authentication enabled’ on that Google account associated with your Gmail.’ The two factor authentication needs to be switched off in order for you to be able to see the “allow less secure apps: ON” option in your Google account.


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