How to move Gunbot to a new computer

In this article we are going to explain how to move easily our Gunbot settings to a new computer. The first thing we need to take into consideration is that each Api key we activate is linked to a license. For example, if you have Gunbot Standard, you can run Gunbot on 1 exchange. In the case you have Gunbot Pro, you can activate 3 api keys, that is, we can run Gunbot on 3 exchanges at the same time, regardless we run the 3 exchanges on the same computer or we run each license / exchange on a different computer.

Once this is clear, suppose we are running a Gunbot license on Binance. Ok, now suppose we purchase a new computer and we want to move our Gunbot license to our new computer. It’s very easy to do. We know that Gunbot licenses are linked to an Api key, not to a computer, so, we just need to execute Gunbot on any computer and put our Api key. Of course, remember that you can run one license / api key on one computer at the same time.

Now the question is: Is it possible to copy our Gunbot settings to a new computer? Yes, it is. We just need to download Gunbot to our new computer and copy db.sqlite from our old computer to the bot directory placed in the new computer. This file contains our settings, strategies, apis keys etc… It even includes the password we chose for getting access to the GUI. This way, we can move Gunbot to a new computer with all our settings in an easy way.


John Abee 25 September, 2018

Hi There, when I copy the db.sqlite file from one version to another, nothing happends, I still have to do all of the configurations and settings from basic, thus far it happend to every version.
It’s a lot of work.. any suggestions?

Kind Regards


    Aitor 25 September, 2018

    Hi John, this method is meant to move your Gunbot from one computer to another (with the same version). It even works with Gunbot versions from v7 to v9.

    Regarding v10: Due to the large amount of changes between v9 and v10, it is recommended to do a clean installation of v10. When you move pairs from v9 to v10 that are in DU or RT, it is recommended to copy the pairs existing json files to the /json folder.


Dennis 3 April, 2022

Does anyone know how to do this now?


Aitor 3 April, 2022

You can copy your Gunbot folder to the new computer. Done.
Other way is to download Gunbot on the new computer and just overwrite config.js and autoconfig.json from the old computer to the new one.


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