How to fix the “Buy order from more than 30 days ago” error

Are you getting the message “Buy order from more than 30 days ago” when running Gunbot? Don’t worry, we are going to explain what is this error and how to fix it easily.

First of all, why does this message appear? In order to set the selling price, Gunbot needs to have a reference price, that is, Gunbot needs to know what price did you purchase the coin at, and it reads that info from the exchange’s order book. The problem is that many exchanges remove the info after 30 days.

So, what can we do in order to fix it? Let’s see two different ways of getting rid of “Buy order from more than 30 days ago” message:

1- Make a manual buy and sell, so Gunbot will get the reference price. For example, if we are getting the message for BTC-ETH, you can use 0.001 BTC for buying ETH and then sell it back for BTC.

2- Use BOUGHT_PRICE parameter to force Gunbot to recognize the price you want.

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