How to fix “esockettimeout” error on Gunbot

It’s normal to get esockettimeout message from time to time when running Gunbot. The bot does thousands of connections and sometimes a connection is not successful, and then this message appears.

As I said, this error is normal and it doesn’t affect to the bot’s performance. Of course, in the case you are getting this message constantly, most likely something is wrong with your connection. This error is normal, as far as it happens from time to time and not constantly. Also note that sometimes the exchanges are a bit overloaded and this message could appear more frequently.

If you feel you are getting too many esockettimeout errors, and you want to reduce them, you can try raising your bot delay. On the other hand, the better your connection is, the lower delay you can set and the lower the amount of these connection errors you will get. So, if you want the best performance, you can run the bot in a VPS (cloud computer). If you want more info about VPS, you can take a look at this: https://gunbot.shop/faq/ (Points 10 and 11)


Matt 7 November, 2018

I think it does affect performance. Turn on the networktraffic switch and see how much time you lose with GUI queries which disrupt pair polling.


    Aitor 7 November, 2018

    Hi Matt, obviously we would get the best performace if 100% of the connections would be successful. But we assume that it’s impossible, and considering Gunbot does thousands of connections, there will always be some connections that won’t success or just timeout. There is nothing we can do to avoid it, except running the bot on a VPS or just use the best connection possible in order to try to reduce the % of failed connections as much as possible.


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