How to fix black screen after executing Gunbot

Sometimes we get a black console output after running Gunbot, but how can we fix it? What’s the problem?

There are several things that can cause this problem. Let’s see:

1- You are using an outdated version. Some versions are discarded and they won’t work. For example, v3.3.2 works but 5.0.4 is discarded and it’s not possible to make it run. Be sure you are using an active version.

2- You have some errors in the config.js file. For example, a common error is to add this pair for Poloniex: BTC-ETH. The problem in this case is that Poloniex doesn’t use “-“. We need to use “_” instead. So the right way of adding a pair for Poloniex is BTC_ETH. Note that each exchange has its own way to add pairs. If you don’t follow the rules, you will get an annoying black console.

3- You firewall / antivirus is blocking Gunbot. Be sure you allow Gunbot to access to Internet. If your firewall is blocking the connection, it won’t work. Put and output allow rule for port 3000, 5000 and 5001. Also be sure that your antivirus is not blocking / deleting files from Gunbot.


Claudia G. 10 November, 2017

My Gunbot says it has no errors and but the log is empty and it’s been running for a few hours. I have seen the coins fluctuate to where the bot should have bought and sold already, but it’s been running and still hasn’t done anything. Please help.


Aitor 10 November, 2017

Hi Claudia, do you see a black screen or Gunbot is working as it supposed to do? Did you downloaded the latest version?


hugecivilian 17 December, 2017

Dear Gunbot Shop,

I just purchased a license and installed this on a Contabo virtual private server as you recommended, but I’m getting the black screen. I’m using the latest version, I made sure all the pairs were correct and also tried deleting them one by one, but even with just one pair on each of the two exchanges I registered, still no luck.

I followed the instructions in the video provided, and didn’t change any settings except for the ones it told me to. Do you have any idea what might be the problem?

Thank you for your time.


    Aitor 21 December, 2017

    Hi, note that you don’t need to execute gunthy.exe manually if you run the bot through GUI. After going to “Dashboard” and click “RUN”, it’s normal to see a black console, you need to scroll down to see the bot working.


dhiren 17 December, 2017

Hi I am also getting the black window under logs and errors when i start the bot.

I have used the updated gunthy_gui.exe file on the site

I have disabled the firewalls and allowed for the output ports for 3000, 5000 and 5001.

The currency names are correct and i can see the charts when setting up but when I start it, it doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a solution for this now??



    Aitor 21 December, 2017

    Scroll down in “Dashboard” after clicking “RUN”.


Djjadereed 12 January, 2018

What would the log say if you didn’t have money in the exchange you are setting
Up the bot on? Would it be black?


    Aitor 13 January, 2018

    It depends on the exchange. On most of them it starts even if you have no funds in your base coin, but note that in other exchanges, if you don’t deposit funds, your wallet isn’t even created and it doesn’t exist until the deposit is done, so you can get errors. For example in Binance you get the famous error 400.


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