How to configure Telegram notifications for Gunbot

If we want Gunbot to send us Telegram notifications for every trade made, we have to follow these steps:

1- Send a message with the text “/start” to @Botfather via Telegram. After that, send “/newbot”.


2- Now we have to choose a name for our bot. We can choose whatever name we want, for example, “Mybot”. After that, we will have to chose a nickname for our bot.


3- Next step is to send a message to @myidbot and write “/start”, then write “/getid”. This way you will get the TelegramID.

4- Login to the GUI. Now go to “Settings“, and then click the tab “Bot“.


5- Now we have to set the following parameters:

a) “TELEGRAM_ENABLED“: Set it to “true” to activate the notifications.

b) TELEGRAM_NICK: Put the nick you chose for your bot.

c) TOKEN: Put the Token you got previously from @Botfather.

d) CHAT_ID: Put the TelegramID you previously got from @Myidbot.

6- Saves changes.

7- Go to Telegram, and start a chat with the username you chose for your bot. Now click start button.


It’s done!. From now on, Gunbot will send us a notification every time a buy or sell operation is executed.

The parameters we have used are the following:

TELEGRAM_ENABLED Values: true or false. Enable this to have Gunbot send notifications through Telegram of every trade it makes.

TELEGRAM_NICK Values: string * Each trade notification starts with the nickname set here. Use this to easily check from which bot instance the notifications have been sent.

TOKEN Values: string * The Telegram token for your bot.

chat_id Values: string * The Telegram ID for your bot.

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