Gunthy coin: All you need to know

1- What is Gunthy token?

Gunthy token, also known as “Gunthy coin”, is an ERC-20 token created by Gunbot community and Gunthy Ltd.

2- How can I get Gunthys?

There are 2 ways to get Gunthys. The first one is to purchase a Gunbot license. You will get an airdrop for each registered exchange. At this moment, you will get 1000 Gunthys for each exchange you connect to Gunbot. For example, suppose you have purchased a Gunbot Pro license, and you have activated 3 api keys: one for Poloniex, other one for Binance, and other one for Bittrex. In this case you will get 3000 Gunthys.

The second way to get Gunthy coins is to buy them on exchanges that list it.

3- What can I use Gunthy token for?

The main purpose of Gunthy token is to validate license ownership on the blockchain. For example, if you have a Gunbot license for Kukoin, you will get an airdrop of 1000 Gunthys. At the moment of writting this article, 4th February 2019, to hold Gunthy tokens is not required in order to run your licenses. Maybe this could change in the future, and Gunthy token could be used to activate Gunbot licenses and other Gunthy related products.

The point is that in the near future you will be able to easily buy and sell Gunbot licenses on the exchanges listing Gunthy coin. In the case you want to sell your license, you just need to sell your 1000 Gunthys.

On the other hand, thanks to Gunthy token, Gunbot license owners will be able to change their apis theirselves.

4- What is Gunthy token price based on?

Obviously Gunthy coin price is based on the value of Gunbot licenses, and Gunbot license prices are always based on Bitcoins. For example, if BTC price is 3500 and a Gunbot license costs 0.10 BTC, a Gunbot license would costs 350$. So, the value will vary depending on the number of Gunthys required in order to run a Gunbot license, Considering 1 Gunbot license = 1000 Gunthys, we can state that, in thas case, 1 Gunthy = 0,35$.

5- Does it have a fixed price?

Absolutely not. Gunthy, same as any other cryptocurency, has a variable price, and this price is decided by the market. The price depends on Gunbot license value, Gunthy products, offer, demand etc… Gunthy Ltd plans to continue improving Gunbot, releasing new versions, adding more trading strategies, supporting more exchanges, creating new bots (arbitrage bot etc…) in order to make the price increase as much as possible.

6- What happens if Gunthy price drops?

Absolutely nothing. Every single cryptocurrency / token faces volatility. However, in the case the price would drop too much, maybe we would need to adjust the amount of Gunthys needed in order to run a Gunbot license. This would be done with the purpose of keeping the value of a license. Of course, if you have a Gunbot license and you hold 1000 Gunthys, in the case after a price drop, 1500 Gunthys would be needed, we would make a new 100% free airdrop to assure every single license owner can keep the value of the software he purchased.

7- How can I get a Gunthy wallet in order to receive the airdrops?

If you want to get detailed instructions on how to create a Gunthy wallet, please, take a look at this article: https://gunbot.shop/how-to-create-a-gunthy-wallet/

8- What exchanges are listing Gunthy token right now?

At this moment, 4th February 2019, there is only one exchange listing Gunthy coin: Idax.pro

We are working on adding it to more exchanges very soon, and we will keep you posted regading this topic.

9- Is it mandatory to create a Gunthy wallet in order to use my Gunbot licenses?

It’s not mandatory right now. You can use your Gunbot licenses as always, just ignore “Gunthy wallet” field if you don’t want to use it. However, this may change in the future, once Gunthy coin is widely used and listed on many popular exchanges.

10- My Gunbot pack includes licenses for several exchanges / apis, but I haven’t activated them all. Could I miss some airdrops?

You don’t need to worry about this. You can continue using the exchanges you are using right now, and once you activate other apis, you will get the airdrop for the new activated apis. You can do it anytime. No rush.

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