Gunbot v24.6.7 Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 24.6.7:

Download Gunbot v24.6.7 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v24.6.7 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v24.6.7 Stable release for Mac

Download Gunbot v24.6.7 Stable release for ARM


What changes on v24.6.7?

– New dashboard: better looking dashboard with more data. Stats for inactive trading pairs are now available, as well as hourly, daily and weekly snapshots of asset balances.

– New spot strategy: stepgridscalp is a next iteration of stepgridhybrid and its trend module, trying to find a balance between scalping (quick, small trades with high probabilities of winning) and grid trading (DCA in more or less predictable steps)

– Stepgridhedge: make it possible to override buy/sell enabled when using ‘use trend’. Add more setting options: ‘Minimum step up pct’, ‘Minimum step down pct’, ‘Minimum step asymmetric’, ‘Instant open threshold (long)’, ‘Instant open threshold (short)’

– Stepgridhybrid: add ‘Minimum step pct’ option to use auto step size with a fixed minimum % step, option to set upper limit to partial sell quantity. Add settings to control minimum gain on partial and full sell orders

– Custom order arrow colors: configure custom colors for chart order arrow icons

– Simulator: Optionally configure custom starting balances

– Trading settings: add option to copy pair settings to all pairs with the same assigned strategy

Fixes and improvements in Gunbot 24.6.7

Fix webhooks cases for long/short at limit/market for all exchanges.

Fix closeLimit for customStrat.

– Refactor handing of ABP/unit cost target in GUI. Fixes the jumpy break even line

Fix issue in trend module that prevented data being updated

– Update API endpoints for several external platforms

Stepgridhedge: fix mark text and notification text when a dca order gets blocked by buy/sell enabled, while use trend is on

Fix market buy percentage buttons in trading terminal

Trading terminal: fix displayed symbol for market buy/sell orders on bybit

Grid family strats: map current grid buy and sell targets to ‘price to buy / sell’ on dashboard

– Fix nonsensical buy count value in sidebar when using forever bags

– Fix problem with entering values starting with 0, in strategy editor for ‘IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE’, ‘NBA’, ‘TRADES_TIMEOUT’, ‘KEEP_QUOTE’


How to upgrade from a previous Gunbot version?

If you are upgrading from v23 or lower, this release changes a lot about how strategy settings are handled in the browser interface, you will get the best experience by using a clean config at first.

Upgrading from v24.x steps:

Download the full release file

Unzip to a new folder

– Create a backup of your old Gunbot directory (you just need to copy the whole Gunbot folder to a new one)

– In the case your bot is running, stop it.

Overwrite the executable file from the new v24.6.7 in your old Gunbot directory. Remember that the executable file is called gunthy-win.exe in Windows, gunthy-macos in Mac and gunthy-linux in Linux.

Run Gunbot as you always do.

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