Gunbot v24.3.2 Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 24.3.2:

Download Gunbot v24.3.2 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v24.3.2 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v24.3.2 Stable release for Mac


What changes on v24.3.2?

This release fixes all bugs reported in previous versions and includes some improvements like:

Webhooks are now supported for TradingView alerts.

Fixes and improvements for StepGridHybrid strategy.

– Fix for Bittrex market orders.

– Several GUI and styling improvements

– This version supports the new Ultimate Reloaded package, which is superior than the “old” Ultimate.

Why is the new Gunbot Reloaded superior? Mainly for 3 things:

1- It allows to trade on unlimited exchanges, while the “old” Ultimate license only allows to trade on 5 exchanges at the same time.

2- It includes “Gunbot Simulator“.

3- It gives access to the new app for Android and IOS, which allows you to check / connect to your Gunbot Ultimate instances from your cell phone.

For more info about Gunbot Reloaded, click here.

If you want to upgrade from Standard to Ultimate Reloaded, you can do it here. In the case you want to upgrade from Pro, you can use the coupon code PROTOULTIMATE here.  If you own an “old” Ultimate license and you want to upgrade to Ultimate Reloaded, you can do it by using the coupon code: SPECIALULTIMATE when purchasing this package.


How to upgrade from a previous Gunbot version?

If you are upgrading from v23 or lower, this release changes a lot about how strategy settings are handled in the browser interface, you will get the best experience by using a clean config at first.

Recommended upgrade steps:

– Download the full release file

– Unzip to a new folder

– Copy the /json folder over from the old to new folder, to ensure order history is kept

– Do not use your existing config.js, and use the provided config file with the v24 release

– Run Gunbot from the new folder, complete the steps to connect your license in the browser interface before adding or importing any other settings

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