Gunbot v24.1.5 Download and Changelogs

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 24.1.5:

Download Gunbot v24.1.5 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot v24.1.5 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot v24.1.5 Stable release for Mac


New fixes and changes in v24.1.5:

Lets take a look to the most important fixes, improvements and changes in v24.1.5:

–  New supported exchanges: FTX US, Gate.io and okGunbot

– New spot strategy: Stepgridhybrid

– New futures strategy: Stepgridhedge

– Unified release: there is now a single release for all current Gunbot Editions (One, Standard, Pro, Ultimate)

– Better PNL stats: completely reworked profit and loss calculation for spot and futures trading

– New trading settings editor: the old pairsstrategies and easy edit pages are succeeded by a single new editor: Trading settings. The new editor should make it easier to find interesting pairs to trade, and quickly configure a strategy.

– New global settings editor: the old profile and global settings pages are combined into a single page: setup. The new editor should make it easier to quickly configure essential settings when setting up the bot for the first time.

– View debug logs: the browser interface can now show the same debug logs as visible in the main process window

– Fix reported issues related to order execution on various exchanges

– Fix reported issues related to break even calculation for spot strategies, especially for extremely long order histories

Improve gui performance, especially with a high number of active trading pairs

– Fix new pairs on Kraken, these should now no longer require software updates

– Autoconfig: fix problem with missing 24h volatility data on several exchange, fix ticker collection for kraken, allow ticker jobs to run at gdax

– Custom strategies: wait for async user code to complete before persistently saving any user data to customStratStore

– Countless small fixes

Breaking changes

Normally Gunbot releases are completely backwards compatible, but this time there are a few breaking changes.

– Reserved strategy names: the following strategy names are treated differently by the GUI: they can only be used with buy and sell methods set to fitting values for this strategy. Adding a pair with any of these strategy names leads the GUI overwriting the strategy and placing default values. Reserved: stepgridspotgridspotgridadvancedstepgridhybridtenkanfuturesgridmarket_makermarket_maker (spot)customstepgridhedge.

If you have any existing strategies with customized settings using a reserved name (for example a strategy called ‘spotgrid’ with buy and sell methods set to ‘tenkan’), there are two things to do if you want to keep using it in combination with the new trading settings editor: rename it to something else than a reserved name, and make sure the buy and sell methods are identical.

– Lower case strategy names: If you use the browser interface, it will rename every strategy name, buy and sell methods to lower case characters. Only lowercase strategy names are accepted in the new trading settings editor. If you use autoconfig to set or change strategy names, it will also use lowercase names only.

– Custom strategy file location: custom JS strategies need to be saved in the ./customStrategies folder from now on. The filename you set in STRAT_FILENAME must be from a file that exists in this folder.

Clean installation recommended

This release changes a lot about how strategy settings are handled in the browser interface, you will get the best experience by using a clean config at first.

Recommended upgrade steps:

  • Download the full release file
  • Unzip to a new folder
  • Copy the /json folder over from the old to new folder, to ensure order history is kept
  • Do not use your existing config.js, and use the provided config file with the v24 release
  • Run Gunbot from the new folder, complete the steps to connect your license in the browser interface before adding or importing any other settings

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