Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable (Build 906)

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop


– Fix multiple issues with RT process

– Fix multiple issues with DU process

– Fix multiple issue with HUOBI api calls

– Fix issues with FillOrKill orders

– Fix Portfolio Value being zero for some users (especially emotionless)

– Fix multiple issues with KEEP_QUOTE, MULTIPLE_BASE

– Code cleanup and improved GUI performances

– Provide ARM build

– Fix Binance sales errors

– Instructions: please notice GAIN_PROTECTION has been renamed to DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN. Please correct your config.js or use the GUI to switch on/off that new setting and get it added

Here you will find download links for Gunbot 11.7.6 Stable (Build 906):

Download Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable release (Build 906) for Windows

Download Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable release (Build 906) for Linux

Download Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable release (Build 906) for Mac

Download Gunbot v11.7.6 Stable release (Build 906) for ARM

Upgrading instructions from Gunbot v10: (If you want to update from Gunbot v10  and you want to keep your old settings instead of doing a fresh install)
Download the update and unpack it to a new folder, copy the config.js and gunbotgui.db files from your previous v10 installation into the new folder to keep your settings. In case you used https for the v10 gui, also make sure to copy both the key and certificate files to the new folder.

New strategy parameters for v11 will be automatically added through the gui the first time you update a strategy.

Due to new libraries used, you cannot simply overwrite the executable for this release.

Upgrading instructions from Gunbot v11.7.5: First oif all, stop the bot. Then, download Gunbot v11.7.6 and overwrite the old gunthy.exe file from v11.7.5 with the new gunthy.exe file from v11.7.6. Finally, access to GUI and turn the parameter DOUBLE_CHECK_GAIN from off to on or from on to off and save. (This way this new parameter will be added to your config.js)

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