Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable changelog and Download links

Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable Changelog

– Logs for TrailMe! so we can keep debugging
– Fix a minus sign in telegram alerts
– Fix buy_enable/sell_enable ignored
– Fix TV Binance sells
– Fix Funds Reserve not reserving funds
– Fix pair suggestions
– Implement TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true/false
If you set TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true in bot section, Gunbot TRADINGVIEW plugin would buy using your entire Base Balance
– Fix P/L calculation for telegram alerts after RT
– Fix amount to sell at buy order if ALLIN is enabled
– Fix STOPLOSS order telegram alert
– Fix “Insufficient funds” if ALLIN is enabled
– Fix AVG bought price for TV
– Apply @Trashdog01 patch to TSSL sell if TTO:false (avoid to sell too early)
– Fix Telegram alerts in case of TV sell and TV_PROTECTION true
– Fix TV p/l USD notification
– Mentioning STOP LIMIT HIT!!! in Telegram alerts if the sell was a SL sell
– GUI version for Arm v2.0.1
– Arts fix DU to BUYBACK price issue

Link to Gunbot RT Edition v9.4.3 Stable (Older version)

Gunbot RT v9.5.1 Download Links

Download Gunbot RT v9.5.1 Stable for Windows

Download Gunbot RT v9.5.1 Stable for Linux

Download Gunbot RT v9.5.1 Stable for Mac

Download Gunbot RT v9.5.1 Stable for ARM


KrakGun 1 June, 2018

I tried to install the Gunbot RT v9.5.1 but I have an unvalid licence message.
Do I need to upgrade my licence ?



    Aitor 1 June, 2018

    Hi Luc-Michel, you don’t need to upgrade your license. In fact, when you get a Gunbot license you can use any Gunbot version you want. Just be sure to add your Api key and secret in the GUI (also as “No master key”) and run the bot through the GUI.


smaung 3 June, 2018

are there any instructions to upgrade from older version?


    Aitor 4 June, 2018

    The easiest way is just to do a new fresh install. Then you can import old config files if you want.


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