Gunbot Backtesting Addon – How does it work?

A lot of people is asking questions about the new Backtesting Addon for Gunbot. Let’s explain what is it and what are the benefits of using it.

This Addon allows us to simulate Gunbot trading strategies. For example, you can copy your Gunbot settings and run a simulation for the period you want, for example, from May to September. Then we will get a complete report telling us what results would those settings get for that period of time, and we also get the results for each pair.

Then we can change one parameter and simulate the results, so we can see if the change improves the results or not. Obviously this is very useful tool because we can optimize and improve our settings very fasy and easily. Other point is that we don’t need to risk our real funds during the simulations, so we can easily get an idea about what is the best performing settings / pairs and then run those settings / pairs on Gunbot.

If you are interested on getting this Addon, you can get it here:


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